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Print your own legal-size signs, using Microsoft Word® to add your message text.


After you complete your order, we will email you a link to download the .docx files you ordered.

Product Image Product Product Code Price  
DANGER_PELIGRO_LegalSize DANGER/PELIGRO (8 x 14") .docx file download docxDNGRes8x14 $4.00   
NOTICE_AVISO_LegalSize NOTICE/AVISO (8 x 14") .docx file download docxNOTCes8x14 $4.00   
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Remember to make a backup copy of each .docx file before you change the message text.
If you open the file and can’t see the heading graphic, click in the lower right to increase or decrease the image size on your screen.
Or double-click on the picture placeholder icon in the upper left corner.