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Letter Size with Slots for Hanging

  Product Product Code Price  

Letter-Size Tags, 14 mils thick, one slot (pack of 50)

holds 8½" x 11" letter-size papers, plastic is 9" x 11½"

9x11-14TAG $49.00   

Letter-Size, 14 mils, 3 holes on short side for hanging, (pack of 50)

9X11-14SLOTS $49.00   

Letter-Size, 14 mils, w. 3 slots on long side for hanging (pack of 50)

9X11-14SLOTL $49.00   
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Thickness refers to the total thickness of the plastic pouch. So a 6-mil pouch has 3 mils of plastic above the paper and 3 mils below the paper, for a total of 6 mils of plastic. (One mil equals 1/1000 inch.)
A 6-mil pouch is 3 mils each side.
A 10-mil pouch is 5 mils each side.
A 14-mil pouch is 7 mils each side.
A 20-mil pouch is 10 mils each side.
A 24-mil pouch is 12 mils each side.
A 30-mil pouch is 15 mils each side.