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Frequently Asked Questions

How soon will I get my order? 

Orders entered by 1 pm Central Time will be shipped the same day. If you enter your order in the late afternoon or evening it will be shipped the next day.

Standard shipping is by UPS or FEDEX ground, but we also offer next-day and second-day air.

If you need special shipping call us at: 800-828-5053 or 847-272-1844.

If a laminating pouch is "10 mils thick", what does that mean? 

When Jackson-Hirsh describes a laminating pouch as "10 mils thick", that means it has 5 mils of plastic on each side of the paper document that is being laminated. The total thickness of plastic is 10 mils. (One mil is one thousandth of an inch.)

A 6-mil pouch has 3 mils of plastic on each side, a 14-mil pouch has 7 mils of plastic on each side.

A 20-mil pouch has 10 mils of plastic on each side and a 30-mil pouch has 15 mils on each side.

For roll film the terminology is a bit different because rolls are sold separately and sometimes customers laminate just one side. Thus, 5-mil roll film is 5 mils thick.

Do you have a minimum order? 

Our minimum invoice is $25. There is no minimum order if you are ordering from this website and paying with a credit card.

I don't need a full box of 500 pouches. Can I buy a partial box? 

Small pouches intended for badges, wallet cards or small tags are normally packaged 500/box. However, we also sell most of these items in boxes of 100. Typically the price of the smaller box is 1/5 of the price of the 500 box, plus $10.

For more information call us at: 800-828-5053.

Do you offer quantity discounts? 

Yes, pouch laminators are discounted as follows:

4-11 laminators less 5%

12-19 laminators less 10%

20-39 laminators less 20%

40+ laminators call us

Plastic laminating pouches are discounted as follows:

2,500-4,999 less 10%

5,000-9,999 less 15%

10,000-19,999 less 20%

20,000 or more less 25%

Different pouch sizes my be combined for the discount. Blanket orders may be used.

Quantity discounts apply only if the invoice is paid within 30 days of the invoice date, or if the order is paid with a credit card.

If you are placing an order that qualifies for a quantity discount, please select "invoice" as your payment type, or phone in your credit card order to 800-828-5053. The quantity discount will not show on the website shopping cart pages, but it will be printed on the invoice we mail you.

How do you handle returns? 

Occasionally we make a mistake....or you do. Sometimes (rarely) a product is defective. If you need to return a product for any reason, please call our Customer Service Department first at 800-828-5053 or 847-272-1844. If it was a credit card purchase we will issue a credit to your account. If you paid by check we will issue a credit memo or a refund check.

What is the difference between a pouch laminator and a roll laminator? 

A pouch laminator is a small desktop machine that uses pre-cut pouches of laminating film. A pouch is two pieces of plastic sealed along one edge. It opens like a file folder; you slip in your paper document, close the pouch and place it in a cardboard carrier, then feed it into your pouch laminator. Because the pouch is cut to exact size there is no waste.

A roll laminator is a larger, heavier, more expensive machine. It uses one roll of film on the top and another on the bottom. You feed any size paper between the top and bottom rolls and laminate. Then you trim off the excess plastic and throw it away.

What warranty is offered with your laminators? What if my laminator needs repair? How do you handle it? 

Our CARD/GUARD® and JACKSON FLAT & SMOOTH® pouch laminators carry a five-year warranty. Call us at: 800-828-5053 or 847-272-1844.

With 50 years of experience we will have a pretty good idea what the problem is and how to handle it. Many times it is a simple problem and we can advise you over the phone how to fix it yourself. Sometimes we will fax you a machine diagram to help in this process. If your pouch laminator has a more complicated problem we will send you a loaner machine that you can use while we repair your machine. There is no charge for this service during the five-year warranty period, and only a small charge after the warranty expires.

Customers outside the U.S. will exchange their machines for a replacement, instead of a loaner.

For adhesive-backed pouches, what is the difference between "permanent adhesive" and "removable adhesive"? 

The pouches with "removable" adhesive come off fairly easy, can be repositioned, and usually will not damage the surface underneath.

Pouches with "permanent" adhesive are harder to remove and cannot be repositioned. If you stick them to a painted wall (you shouldn't) they may peel off some of the paint when you remove them

Do you supply cardboard carriers with your laminating pouches? 

Yes, each box of laminating pouches comes with enough carriers to laminate all the pouches in the box. We urge you to use a carrier when laminating because it protects the surface of your pouch and prevents plastic gook from building up on the rollers over the years.


Still have questions? Email your questions to us at CustomerService@jhlaminating.com