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Free Lamination Kit with
3-Week Trial of Laminator

You are invited to test one of our Model 7300 CARD/GUARD® laminators at your desk for three weeks. At the end of three weeks you'll have the option to buy it for $299, rent it for $99 for one year, or send it back.

With the Model 7300 you can laminate papers as large as 11 x 17", such as drawings and 4-page folders. You can protect letter-size instructions and signs. You can also make plastic tags, badges and wallet cards.

The laminator uses heat and pressure to seal your important papers in a tough coating of transparent plastic. Once laminated, the papers will resist dirt, water, oil and most acids and solvents. The Model 7300 features a fast motor and adjustable heat so you can do thick plastics as well as thin. It has a tough steel case. It is UL listed, made in the U.S., and carries a five-year warranty. Many of our customers have been using the same laminator for more than 20 years without a problem.

Fill out the Request Form below and we'll send you a laminator plus a free Lamination Kit that is yours to keep. Your kit will include 17 different plastic laminating "pouches". You'll find pouches in five different thicknesses. There's a pouch with our non-glare finish, and another with a special surface that you can write on with a pencil. There's a pouch with holes for a 3-ring binder, and pouches with adhesive backing for making adhesive-backed labels and signs. There's a tag pouch big enough to make a tag out of a letter-size paper. And we'll include our 16-page catalog, which lists dozens of other products, from wallet cards and badges up to 12 x 18" pouches. We want to meet all your laminating needs.

There's no risk to trying the laminator for three weeks. You can send it back if you don't want to keep it. Just fill out the form below.
Request Form

Yes, please send me a free Lamination Kit, described above. Also send me a Model 7300 CARD/GUARD® laminator for a three-week trial. At the end of three weeks I can buy it for $299, rent it for one year for $99, or send it back.

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