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Plastic Laminating Pouches
for Laminators
letter size (for 8.5 x 11")
larger-than-letter size
one-third-letter size
one-half-letter size
3 x 5" and 4 x 6"
wallet cards
ID badges
hole-punched for 3-ring binder
write-on matte finish
uv inhibitor
black and white frame
sample kits of laminating pouches
custom-made special pouches
Supplies for Roll Laminators
rolls of laminating film
straps for tags
sample kits of ID accessories
clips and lanyards for badges
sign boards (aluminum & pvc)
paper tag inserts
paper sign inserts
slot punch & corner rounder

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Sample Kits of Laminating Pouches

LUGGAGEKIT sample kit w. luggage tag pouches, paper inserts and suggestions for luggage tag promotions $4.95
how many
NEWSKIT "You're in the News" Lamination Kit for customer promotions $4.95
how many
WRITEKIT sample kit w. 3 different sizes of write-on matte finish $9.95
how many
LETTERKIT sample kit w. 17 lam pouches for letter-size and 1/2 letter-size papers $3.95
how many
WALLETKIT sample kit w. 22 different pouches for laminating small cards $4.95
how many
TAGKIT sample kit w. 13 different pouches for making tags, plus straps and paper inserts $4.95
how many
ADHESIVEKIT sample kit of 7 different adhesive-backed laminating pouches $3.95
how many
SIGNKIT sign-making kit w laminating pouches, sign boards, and an easel $9.95
how many